Administrative Bureau Overview

The Enforcement Bureau, is often referred to as the "backbone" of the agency. The Administrative Bureau provides the structure that supports that backbone, as well as all the other parts of our agency's "anatomy" as well. It provides the necessary personnel, services, finances, machinery, planning, and training needed by the Executive, Enforcement, Investigative, Corrections, and Administrative Bureaus.

The Administration Bureau performs the many tasks that keep the daily routines functioning and without whom the day-to-day operations of the sheriff's office would come to a halt. These men and women are the invisible force behind the scenes that make law enforcement work. With its two sub-parts, the Services Division and the Legal/Support Divisions, this bureau commands almost twenty subordinate sections and units, which while having unique functions, do interact with other parts of the agency and with each other.


Bureau Chief


Support Division


    Dispatch & Complaint Writer Training

    Records Management
    Teletype Unit
    Mail Component

          Court Process
               Court Process services

          Off-duty Employment Component

          Crime Prevention
              Community Awareness Volunteer Coordinator
              CSO Parking Enformcent
              Alarm Compliance

Captain Violet Duey

Services Division

Judicial Security
    Court Room Security
    Courthouse Security

Human Resources

    Law Enforcement
    Civilian Academy

Planning/Research and Inspections (Accreditation)

Captain Kathryn Estabrook
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