Corrections Bureau

The Corrections Bureau's mission is to provide a safe, secure, functional and humane environment for staff and inmates, while operating professionally, respectfully, and efficiently. The Corrections Bureau consists of a wide array of services and components that provide the basic care and custodial services for every person arrested. The Manatee County Jail houses pre-trial, pre-sentenced, county and state sentenced males and females, as well as juvenile offenders who have been adjudicated as adults.


The Corrections Bureau consists of three Divisions, all of which provide Correctional services in one form or another.

Corrections Bureau Chief

Operations Division
Captain Ian Kogel
  • Inmate Care and Custody Units
  • Chaplain
  • Visitation
Attorneys and Special Investigators requesting legal visitation with an inmate please email:
with the following information:
Your Name, Agency and contact information, Inmate Name and Booking Number. Date and Time you would like to visit.

Support Division
Captain Thomas Porter

  • Commissary
  • Farm
  • Food Service
  • Road Gang

Services Division
Captain Susan Jones
  • Booking
  • Property
  • Intake & Release
  • Warrants
  • Transportation
  • Court Services

Administrative Division
Captain Yvonne Ingersoll
  • Classification
  • Front Desk/Inmate Mail
  • Housekeeping
  • Inmate Laundry
  • PREA Coordinator
  • Programs