Investigations Bureau Overview

The Sheriff's Office Investigation Bureau is where most felony crimes and other intricate matters are investigated. 

The Investigative Bureau consists of three divisions; Special Investigations Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Child Protection Investigation Division

Bureau Chief

Criminal Investigation Division
Captain Bill Jordan


Criminal Investigations Section
  • Homicide
  • Crime Against Persons Unit
  • Burglary Unit
  • Fraud, Auto Theft, Pawn Unit
  • Forensics Unit
  • Victim Advocate Unit
  • Property and Evidence Unit


Child Protection Investigation Division
Captain Todd Shear


Crimes Against Children Section
  • Crime Against Children Unit
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Sex Offender Unit
  • Child Protection Deputy

Child Protection Section

  • Child Protective Specialist Unit
  • Training/Support Unit
  • Analytical Unit


Special Investigations Division

Captain Pat Bartholomew

Special Investigations Section

  • Strategic Investigations Unit
  • Tactical I & II Investigations Units
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Strategic Gang Unit
  • Tactical Gang Unit
  • Corrections Investigation Unit
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