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The Human Resources Unit pro-actively recruits, selects, and retains a diverse professional workforce by recruiting quality applicants who meet or exceed agency position standards. This office is responsible for promoting equal employment opportunities for the MCSO employees regardless their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability or genetic information. It provides a range of services that includes employment, professional development, promotional process, benefits, and retirement assistance. The Human Resources Unit also plays a vital role in the achievement of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office's overall strategic goals.

Human Resources Director

Carol Laudicina



Our office is located in the heart of Florida's west coast with convenient access to the cities of St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota. While Manatee County is growing steadily, encompassing more than 750 square miles, it is diversified into prime agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential properties ... Oh! and miles of white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, including the gorgeous barrier islands of Anna Maria and Longboat Key.

Any of the Human Resources team members may be reached during regular business hours (M – F; 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) by phone or email. We welcome an opportunity to discuss our careers and your qualifications in more detail. Please contact any of our Human Resources Specialists in the area for which you might be interested to work. In meeting your needs and making our office accessible to you, below you will find contact information on each of our staff and a brief synopsis of their area of responsibility.

Administrative Bureau: Provides the necessary personnel, services, finances, machinery, planning, and training needed by the Executive, Enforcement, Investigative, Corrections, and Administrative Bureaus. This bureau consists of the following two Divisions: The Support Division, which includes Communications, Records, Court Process, Off-duty Employment, and Crime Prevention and the Services Division, consisting of the Judicial Security, Human Resources, Training, Crime Analysis, and Planning/Research and Inspections (Accreditation).


Employment Services Division

Extension 2490

Corrections Bureau : The Corrections Bureau consists of a wide array of services and components that provide the basic care and custodial services for every person arrested. The Manatee County Jail houses pre-trial, pre-sentenced, county and state sentenced males and females, as well as juvenile offenders who have been adjudicated as adults. It consists of the following three Divisions: Operations, Support, and Services. All divisions provide Correctional services in one form or another.


Dee Halpin  
Employment Services Division
Extension 2032

Enforcement : The Enforcement Bureau is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the residents of the unincorporated area of Manatee County. Deputy Sheriffs work an assigned shift, patrolling an assigned zone, performing law enforcement duties. Their primary task is the enforcement of state and county laws and the protection of life and property. Other duties include making arrests, traffic enforcement, executing warrants, and conducting preliminary criminal investigations. The Sheriff's Office has divided the County into three sectors. Each sector is designated as a Patrol District and has six or eight zones, with size and boundaries based upon population and crime activity. In addition to the Patrol Districts, this Bureau holds the special teams under the direct command of the Bureau Chief. The special teams are SWAT, Dive, SRT, Mounted Patrol, Honor Guard, Emergency Services, and Bomb Disposal/Haz-Mat.

Corin Whalen  
Employment Services Division
Extension 2139


Investigative Bureau: The Sheriff's Office Investigation Bureau is where most felony crimes and other intricate matters are investigated. It consists of three divisions; Special Investigations Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and the Child Protection Investigation Division.


Beckie Umphreyville
Employment Services Division
Extension 2142

Benefits and Insurance: This unit includes the employees’ health benefits and insurance needs including medical and dental. Coordinates use of agency wellness plans and implementation of benefits including long and short term disability and life insurance. This unit also coordinates the Reserve Law Enforcement Deputies.

Julie Gillum 
Insurance Coordinator
Extension 2135

Workers Compensation/FMLA: This unit, the central coordinating point of all employees’ leave, administers and coordinates all medical leave of absences including workers’ compensation, Family Medical Leave, restricted duty assignments as well as employee’s work status.

Susan Norman  
Employment Services Division & Benefits
Extension 2138

You will find more details on the functioning and components of each of Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Bureaus on this Web Page under the Bureau’s tab.

“Manatee County Sheriff maintains the highest professional standards of excellence and integrity and employees are the driving force behind the efficient and effective deliverance of high quality law enforcement services to all those who live in or visit our area. It is our responsibility to treat our employees fairly and equally.”

Captain Brian Schnering, Services Division Commander, Administrative Bureau

Our mail address:
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We can be reached at:
Telephone: 941-747-3011
Fax: 941-744-3784

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