This list is a general outline of benefits currently available to employees and is subject to change and policy stipulations not listed here.

  • Certified (LE/CO) Deputy - Our salaries are highly competitive and ranked in the top range for Law Enforcement Agencies in the State of Florida.
  • Civilian Salary Range - Varies by position
  • Excellent State Retirement
  • Uniforms for Certified and Specific Civilian Personnel
  • 12 Holidays Per Year (includes employee's birthday)
  • Excellent Vacation Plan - Start accruing two weeks of vacation time earned by the end of your first year.
  • Sick Leave - 12 days per year, accrued by pay period
  • Life Insurance - Equals annual base salary
  • Health Insurance - Individual Plan, 91% paid by the Agency (employee pays 9%) (Optional Family Plans: Costs are Co-Shared)
  • Dental (optional)
  • Take-Home Vehicle (Certified Law Enforcement when applicable)
  • Career Service - After one year of satisfactory continuous service
  • Deferred Compensation Plan (optional)
  • Direct Payroll Deposit (any banking institution)
  • Disability Insurance (Long-term disability)
  • College Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Extensive Wellness Programs

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