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Subject: Deputy & Employee of the Month - February 2019
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Incident Date/Time 2/27/2019 3:00:00 AM
Expire Date/Time 3/27/2019 3:00:00 AM
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On January 23, 2019, Deputy Jeremy Bass responded to a call where a citizen who had just purchased a vehicle, which was delivered from Texas, found a woman’s purse in the trunk.  Deputy Bass took possession of the purse; he and Deputy Marc Newman took inventory.  While going through the contents, they discovered a container which held cremated remains.  There were other pieces of evidence to support the remains were of an infant, such as a baby picture, date of death, hospital bands and a candle.    The funeral home that handled the cremation was found and Deputy Bass contacted them to see if they could assist in locating the parents.  Deputy Newman enlisted the help from Sandra Dickerman, who for two days scoured through social media, Clear and other investigative tools to locate the mother.  Deputy Newman sent a teletype to Guadalupe Sheriff’s Office in Texas asking for assistance in locating the mother.  Word was received from Guadalupe SO that no one was home.

Sandra was able to locate a possible work phone number for the mother and was able to speak with the mother who was beyond elated the remains had been found.  The mother explained that her vehicle was involved in an accident in June of 2018 and was totaled out by her insurance company.  She didn’t realize she could contact the scrapyard and was under the impression that she couldn’t retrieve her personal belongings from the vehicle.  Arrangements have been made to have her purse and remains of her infant shipped back to her. 

This could have been handled like a typical found property report, but they made extraordinary efforts to find the mother so she could get her baby’s remains back which for a parent is invaluable and precious.  For their efforts that re-united the mother and her baby, Deputy Jeremy Bass and Deputy Marc Newman are awarded the agency’s Deputy of the Month for February and Sandra Dickerman is awarded Employee of the Month for February.  Congratulations!