Press Release

Subject: Employees of the Month- Christopher Osborne & Christopher Underwood
Incident Type: July Employee of the Month
Incident Date/Time 7/23/2019 6:00:00 PM
Expire Date/Time 8/30/2019 6:00:00 PM
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Over the past few months, the Fleet Department had been trying to fix an electrical issue on numerous patrol vehicles. Fleet decided to remove the vehicles from service until an appropriate diagnosis and repair was made.

Fleet mechanics Christopher Underwood and Christopher Osborne believed it was an electrical issue due to the symptoms exhibited and the fact that numerous systems were all affected at the same time. They went to great lengths and worked on the weekends as not to detract from normal operations, eventually identifying and resolving the issue. New wiring harnesses were installed and the vehicles were returned to service with no reported issues.

They relied on their knowledge, experience and instinct to diagnose and repair the vehicles. For their efforts that got the vehicles back on the road so our deputies could drive them safely, Christopher Osborne and Christopher Underwood are awarded Employee of the Month for July.