Press Release

Subject: Deputy of the Month - October
Incident Type:
Incident Date/Time 10/24/2019 6:00:00 AM
Expire Date/Time 11/29/2019 6:00:00 AM
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Person/Suspect Info
Deputy Richard Snyder was recently on a call at an apartment complex when he noticed a woman with a small child hysterically crying. Deputy Snyder discovered the woman’s friend was being held against her will along with an infant child. Deputy Snyder viewed the actions of the male subject and saw that he did have a small child in his arms and was not allowing the female to leave despite her pleas.

Deputy Snyder attempted to establish communication with the man while relaying information to dispatch and responding deputies, but the man refused to speak with him and was becoming increasing agitated. The woman was able to escape and exit the apartment.

When deputies entered the apartment to rescue the child and take the man into custody, Deputy Snyder was able to distract the man and grab the child from his arms. He then used himself as a barrier between the infant and the man, and the man was taken into custody. Once the child was cleared by EMS, the child was returned to the mother. Deputy Snyder stayed on scene to calm the mother down and help care for the child.

Deputy Snyder could have cleared his first call and went on to the next, but instead went to see why the woman he saw crying was so upset. Because of this, he found the dangerous situation the mother and child were in, and was able to rescue the child and comfort the mother. For his actions that saved them from harm, Deputy Richard Snyder is awarded the agency’s Deputy of the Month for October.