Press Release

Subject: Employees of the Month - October
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Incident Date/Time 10/24/2019 6:00:00 AM
Expire Date/Time 11/29/2019 6:00:00 AM
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Person/Suspect Info
In February, Crime Scene Tech Abby Morrissey responded to a gas station/convenient store that had just been robbed by multiple individuals that fled the scene in two separate vehicles. One vehicle was pursued and recovered and the other was not found.

Crime Scene Tech Morrissey was tasked with processing numerous items of evidence. Seven large black garbage bags, used the by the suspects to steal cartons of cigarettes, were among those items. A large amount of prints were present on the bags. Each print needed to be photographed, and each photo had to be enhanced through Photoshop to be submitted to the Fingerprint Unit. Morrissey spent several grueling days photographing and enhancing each print yielding a total of 90 print photos. These prints led to identifying the four suspects from the recovered vehicle and more importantly, two additional suspects that had not been identified.

Latent Print Examiner Gianni Morelli was working the robbery case and volunteered to take on the task knowing there were over 90 photos involved. He worked diligently to analyze, compare, and identify not only the four known suspects but the two additional unknown suspects. Gianni made over 55 identifications on this case, exhausting every avenue to identify each and every print possible.

Their hard work and dedication in identifying the suspects in this string of robberies stopped this particular crime ring. For their combined efforts, Abby Morrissey and Gianni Morelli awarded Employee of the Month for October.