Press Release

Subject: Narcotics Arrest
Incident Type:
Incident Date/Time 11/15/2019 12:00:00 PM
Expire Date/Time 12/13/2019 12:00:00 PM
Case Number:
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Person/Suspect Info
DAY OF WEEK: Wednesday

INCIDENT DATE: 11/13/2019

TIME: 16:00 hrs.

Case Number: 2019-029515
Incident Type: Search Warrant / Arrest
Location: 1831 13th Ave. E. Bradenton #101
Suspect(s): Dontay Henderson B/M 2-2-93, Kyon Davis B/M 9-29-92

During the month of May 2019, while working in an undercover capacity detectives purchased fentanyl from Henderson on several occasions. Following these purchases, two arrest warrants were obtained and through investigative means more fentanyl was purchased from Henderson at 1831 13th Ave. E. Bradenton. Based on these transactions, a search warrant was obtained for the residence.

On 11/13/19 at approximately 10 a.m., detectives observed Henderson at the residence. Prior to the execution of the search warrant, Henderson left in a vehicle with Davis and two females.

Detectives conducted surveillance on the vehicle they were in and followed them to a restaurant in the 6000 block of 26th St. West. SWAT responded to this location and arrested Henderson without incident once he exited the restaurant. Davis was also arrested for four outstanding VOP arrest warrants. Next to Davis, detectives found 6.5 grams of fentanyl.

Once this scene was secure, detectives with the assistance of SWAT executed the search warrant. No one was located inside of the residence. Detectives searched the residence and found cocaine, rock cocaine, fentanyl, a bag containing a mixture of cocaine and fentanyl, two firearms, numerous rounds of ammunition, and several items of drug paraphernalia to include a scale.

Dontay Henderson: Sale of Fentanyl X2, DWLSR, VOP warrant X7

Kyon Davis: Trafficking in Fentanyl, VOP warrant X4

Cocaine (16.7 grams)
Fentanyl (22.3 grams)
Rock Cocaine (5.4 grams)
Cocaine/Fentanyl mixture (3.4 grams)