Assistance Lure

The Assistance Lure appeals to the helpful nature of children and is chillingly effective. Perpetrators often ask for directions or for help carrying packages to a vehicle or into a building. Some pretend to be disabled and in need of a helping hand. They may even sport a brace, sling or fake cast.

Predators may also offer assistance to the unsuspecting -and insist on providing it. Of all the lures, this Lure is the most dangerous threat to human life.

Inform children that, generally speaking, adults should ask other adults for help. Give your kids permission to ignore requests for assistance or offers of uninvited help. The best defense against this lure is pretending not to hear, then quickly leaving the area.

If someone in a vehicle slows down, pulls over or attempts to speak with them, youngsters should take three giant steps back from the car - and walk quickly and purposefully in the opposite direction.

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