Playmate & Companion Lure

Some children are led into abuse by a playmate who is encouraged by their abuser to involve other kids. Pedophiles may lure youngsters to their home with a party atmosphere, providing toys, sports equipment, favorite foods, use of a swimming pool, etc. They may promote an "anything goes" attitude that can be very attractive to adolescents.

Keep in mind also that roughly 20% of all sexual abuse is now committed by children against other children.

Get to know your youngster's friends and their families. A sudden strong dislike of a favorite place or person may indicate that some form of abuse has taken place. Conversely, if your child constantly spends time at one friend's house, particularly where there is a single male or live-in boyfriend, find out why. Visit unannounced. If you feel at all uneasy, declare that home off limits.

If young children start acting out sexually, find out how, where and with whom this behavior was learned.

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