PSA Videos
The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to enhancing public safety and reducing the fear and the incidence of crime. But there are many things each and every community member can do to reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim. Below are crime prevention video tips for your home, your business, yourself and your family. We urge you to familiarize yourself with the information contained in this section and to make crime prevention a part of your life.
  Camera Icon Fireworks Safety  
  Camera Icon Auto Burglary  
  Camera Icon Gangs Deadwrong  
  Camera Icon Graffiti hotline  
  Camera Icon Lock Your Car  
  Camera Icon Schools Out  
  Camera Icon To Inform Families First  
  Camera Icon Gang Life part 1  
  Camera Icon Gang Life part 2  
  Camera Icon One Pill can Kill part 1  
  Camera Icon One Pill can Kill part 2  



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