TIFFS Initiative

When Emergencies Happen...


"When my daughter died in an accident on December 7, 2005, it was 6.5 hours before I was notified. The average notification time for any family can be 5 hours or more! These precious hours may rob you of saying good-bye or being able to provide life-saving information to first responders.

From my personal tragedy, it has become my journey to help law enforcement improve its notification procedures so others will be spared the same ordeal."

Christine Olson, Tiffany's mother

Founder, TIFF's Initiative

In the past 2 years, with the help of State Representative (68) Bill Galvano; Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; Department of Law Enforcement; and the Children's Memorial & Gardens, Inc., we have implemented a program designed to accelerate notification of families in cases of emergency.

TIFF's Initiative is named in memory of
Tiffany Olson. TIFF stands for:

To Inform Families First

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