Crimes Against Children Unit

The Crimes Against Children Section is comprised of highly trained and dedicated detectives assigned to three units.

*The Crimes Against Children Unit (CAC) is tasked with the investigation of various crimes committed against children, including but not limited to child abuse, neglect, abandonment, sudden unexplained infant deaths, internet related offenses, lewd or lascivious offenses, sexual batteries, and missing juveniles.

The Crimes Against Children Unit investigates both long and short-term abuse cases utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, collaborating routinely with several different agencies. The unit works closely with the Child Protection Section, Manatee Children Services, the State Attorney’s Office and other outside agencies. This combination provides for a well-rounded approach for ensuring child safety and successful prosecution of offenders.

*The Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) consists of detectives who specialize in the investigation of domestic violence cases. They also provide investigative services to the Child Protection Section in cases where an incident of domestic violence has occurred in which children are involved. The unit investigates all injunction violations that occur within Manatee County. The Domestic Violence Unit shares a close working relationship with the State Attorney’s Office of the 12th Judicial Circuit.

The unit consists of Domestic Violence Advocates specially trained and certified in assisting victims of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Advocates will assist the victim in the filing of injunctions and ensure referrals to HOPE Family Service for additional assistance. There is a coordinated effort between the detective assigned to the case, the Domestic Violence Advocate and the State Attorney’s Office. The collaborative efforts between all three entities provide the victims of Manatee County with the most extended outreach in service as to the safety of the victim and their families, service referrals and protective provisions, and the expedited judiciary system.

*The Sexual Offender/Predator Unit (SOU) receives notification from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement when a sexual offender or predator is released and is expected to reside within Manatee County. The Sexual Offender Unit is tasked with ensuring that designated offenders and predators are in compliance with their obligations as required by Florida law. Depending on the offender status, quarterly or semi-annual updates are inputted into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sex Offender Database to ensure that records are accurate and that key information, like the offender’s residence, is shared with the public. The unit is responsible for notifying each licensed day care center, elementary school, middle school and high school within a 1-mile radius of the residence of the sexual predator. The unit is also responsible for conducting random on-site residential visits at the offender’s home to verify they reside at the reported address.

The unit has the responsibility of ensuring that designated career offenders are in compliance with their obligations as required by Florida law. On-site residential visits at the offender’s home are conducted to verify they reside at the reported address.

The unit works closely with both the Child Protective Specialist Section and the Crimes Against Children Section to enhance public safety, provide critical intelligence for investigators and contribute to protecting the children of our community.