False Alarm Reduction Unit

False Alarm Reduction Unit

Manatee, the second-fastest growing county in Florida, has seen the use of alarm systems grow even faster than the population. Unfortunately, this has also led to a corresponding increase in false alarms. Both costly and dangerous, these false alarms divert deputies from where they are performing proactive crime prevention efforts to locations where they are not needed, and can delay responses to calls that are true emergencies.

The False Alarm Reduction Unit (or FARU, for short) is responsible for enforcing the Manatee County False Alarm Ordinance (Ord. 04-32), a law designed and engineered to reduce false alarms by mandating a balanced schedule of escalating fines designed to both discourage repeated false alarms and help recover the high costs of false alarm dispatches; in other words, by making the ever-increasing number of alarm users responsible for their alarm systems.

In addition to processing incoming false alarm citations, alarm user appeals, and collecting fines, we also provide public information and education aiding in the prevention of false alarms by telephone, in person at our office, and by making field visits to alarm sites. We also provide in-house Deputy education in the application of the Ordinance.

Administratively, we receive and process permits, renewals, fees and fines, and maintain files, accounts, and provide monthly statistics and prepare and distribute informational documents geared to help prevent false alarms.

View the ordinance (PDF)