Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of 189 certified positions and 92 civilian positions, and includes four squads of Corrections Deputies and CRO's who are responsible for the care, custody, and control of approximately 1300 inmates housed in the pods. The Chaplain is responsible for counseling of inmates, assisting in arrangements for inmates to attend funerals, supervising religious volunteers and participating in religious functions.

The division manages the daily tasks of housing, feeding, clothing, and overseeing the men, women and juvenile inmates of the Central Jail.

Other tasks include:

  • Maintaining security
  • Computer logging
  • Inmate movement
  • Handling of razors and haircuts
  • Supervision of medication and commissary passes
  • Recreation
  • Receiving requests and grievances
  • Providing escorts and movement of inmates to inside court, class, work and medical
  • Enforcing dorm rules
  • Video Visitation provides an off-site location for family and friends to visit inmates by video, as well as a cash kiosk for deposits to inmates' commissary accounts.