Training Section

Training Center Director

Capt. Billy Duckett

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The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Training Center ensures that all enforcement and civilian personnel are qualified and well trained by planning and implementing certified, comprehensive and specialized training programs. Over 100 topics are taught by Certified Instructors and include Active Shooter, Advanced Marksmanship, AED / CPR, Crash Reporting, Defensive Driving, Defensive Tactics, DUI, Investigative Techniques, and Speed Measurement. All enforcement and civilian personnel also attend comprehensive ethical and professional development programs. All courses meet the strictest guideline requirements of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officer training programs.

The MCSO holds the unique privilege of being one of only two Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Florida that holds a CJSTC (Criminal Justice Standards Training Commission) Type C Certification. This certification grants a training school the authority to deliver Commission-approved Basic Recruit Training Program Courses for correctional and correctional probation officers, and Commission-approved Advanced and Specialized Training Program outlined in Florida Rule Chapter 11B-35, F.A.C. In 2015 the Training Center trained over 6,000 students who attended over 700 different classes receiving over 5,000 hours of training covering more than 100 different topics, with a total of 58,000 teaching hours.

Weapons range    

All certified Deputies are required to qualify annually with their weapons.

They may also attend Live Fire Shoot House, Rifle Courses, Active Shooter, Basic – Advanced Marksmanship, Low light Marksmanship, and Shotgun Courses.

Certified Deputies attend Agency Specific and In-Service training including Defensive Driving, Use of Force Simulator, Active Shooter / Shoot House, and Ground Fighting Tactics.

    Defensive driving

At the Corrections Academy new Deputies attend a 420 hour State Certified training program.

The training center is located at 14490 B Harlee Road, Palmetto, FL 34221.
941-747-3011 Ext. 2707
Fax: 941-729-9328



Range Master

Deputy Lou Gregory

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Law Enforcement Training Coordinator

Deputy Joshua Escher

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Law Enforcement Training Coordinator

Deputy Brianna Whittaker

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Corrections Training Coordinator

Deputy Kelly Lanford

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Corrections Training Coordinator

Deputy James Fiore

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Certification Coordinator

Lindsey Pawlishen

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Administrative Assistant

Shirley Arendt

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Office Specialist

Paula Glick

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