Press Release

Subject: Homicide Arrest
Incident Type:
Incident Date/Time 9/29/2021 6:00:00 AM
Expire Date/Time 12/31/2021 6:00:00 AM
Case Number:
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Person/Suspect Info


TIME 1027 hrs.
Case Number: 2011-053576
Incident Type: Homicide Arrest
Location: Wooded area off the roadway

Business/Subdivision: Bourneside Blvd. and University Parkway
Victim(s): Nicole Rose Scott Race/Sex: W/F Victim(s) D.O.B: 11/25/1982
Suspect(s): Benjamin Moulton Race/Sex: W/M Suspect(s) D.O.B: 03/19/78

On 12/11/2011, a man located a woman’s body in a wooded area off University Blvd. and called 911. When deputies responded to the scene they found the victim, later identified as Nicole Scott, partially clothed with visible trauma to her face.

It was determined through autopsy that Nicole was strangled and likely dropped off in the remote area several days before her body was found.

During the investigation, detectives followed up on numerous leads and questioned Benjamin Moulton about his connection to Nicole, but he denied any involvement in her murder, and detectives lacked enough evidence to link him to the crime.

Over the past few years, detectives continued to search for new information but were unable to develop a clear suspect in the case.

Then yesterday (9/29/21), Benjamin Moulton walked into the Sheriff’s Office Operations Center and told deputies that he was the person responsible for the murder of Nicole Scott. Moulton met with homicide detectives and explained that he killed her in a fit of rage and provided other details about the case that were never released to the public. He also stated his reasons for confessing. He told detectives he had since “found Jehovah and couldn’t live with the guilt anymore.”

The State Attorney’s Office was briefed as to this new information and Benjamin Moulton was subsequently charged with the 1st-degree Murder of Nicole Rose Scott. The investigation continues.